Why Attend an investment presentation?

The importance of attending investor presentations

With so many devices now connected to the internet 24/7, and the constant bombardment of company news, now even via social media platforms, you may ask why bother travelling and attending an investor presentation by a company you are invested in, or may invest in, if you like the story?

Why not simply listen to a webinar or podcast of the meeting, or read a transcription on a website sometime after the event?

The answer is, of course, personal engagementthere is no substitute for a face to face meeting!

All channels of communication have their respective merits, but, at the end of the day, nothing comes close to the trust and respect that can be established during a personal meeting.

Personal meetings and presentations create engagement between the parties rather than passing interest, and ensure focus instead of distraction.

Investors that take the trouble to attend AGM’s and company presentations enjoy dialogue with the people that count, build respect and trust in them, and are better informed as a result.

Attending a series of presentations by a company over a period of time allows an investor to follow the story closely, and monitor whether the company is delivering on promises and objectives. In the event of slippage or failure, the presentation allows the correct questions to be asked, and permits the company the chance to reply and assuage investors’ concerns.

And finally, another major justification for attending company presentations is the opportunity to network with city professionals and fellow investors in an informal environment.

This affords the rare opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge, tips, and opinions, with the movers and shakers of the investment world.