Diggers & Dealers First Day Lost to Weather

Diggers and Dealers, Kalgoorlie

The annual Diggers and Dealers Mining Conference that takes place in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, lost the first day of the event to extreme weather, forcing the organisers to request everyone leave the arena at 10.00 am for safety reasons.  […] 



Diggers & Dealers

Diggers & Dealers – Inside the giant marquee



I feel desperately sorry for both the organisers and delegates here, this is very unlucky.

There for the grace of gold go I is certainly appropriate here, as I intended to attend this conference, but could not secure accommodation, which is always a problem in this small town, so decided not to go this year.

The conference is housed in the biggest marquee in the southern hemisphere, specifically built to fit the art centre car park. Needless to say, although it’s certainly a robust structure, 90km hour winds cause concern, so clearly they couldn’t continue.

I attended this conference pre covid, and funnily enough there were high winds then too, and I was a bit concerned at the battering the tent was taking then, and I wasn’t alone in wondering how safe it was.

The Gala Dinner is the highlight, 1200 people sat in the marquee is quite a sight, and rounded off the event nicely, so to lose that as well is really bad luck.

In case you’re wondering how they cooked so many meals in such a small town, I asked the organiser. 

They half cook the steaks in Perth, then fly them to Kalgoorlie on a charter plane, then finish them off in ovens on the backs of a fleet of lorries parked outside, it’s a terrific logistical operation. And they tasted wonderful!



Diggers & Dealers Mining Conference First Day Lost to Extreme Weather


Diggers and Dealers, Kalgoorlie, August 2023

The annual Diggers and Dealers Mining Conference that takes place in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, lost the first day of the event to extreme weather, forcing the organisers to request everyone leave the arena at 10.00 am for safety reasons.

The first day of the show had only just started when the organisers, fearing for everyone’s safety, requested an evacuation of the marquee the event takes place in for the day.

The cause was high winds and rain, effecting not only Kalgoorlie, but the Perth area as well.

As a result, flights between the two places are grounded, meaning some corporate presenters could not arrive at all, and had to deliver their presentations virtually, to those people that could squeeze in to the Goldfields Art Centre building, next door to the event marquee.

Those companies that had arrived were told to take down and remove their booths from the marquee.

A further blow was that the catering charter flight bringing food and staff  from Perth is also grounded, which has caused the abandonment of the scheduled Awards Gala Dinner on Wednesday evening.

A cocktail event will now take place in the Goldfields Art Centre building instead.

A great shame such a wonderful event has been ruined by the weather.



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