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Kootenay provides a drilling update at La Cigarra silver project

Kootenay Silver Inc.{TSX.V: KTN} updated on their  Company’s ongoing drill program currently underway at the La Cigarra silver project located in Chihuahua State, Mexico..

Since drilling recommenced on the La Cigarra Project, six holes have been completed within the La Borracha Zone with all holes hitting the targeted mineralised zone. Continue reading

Lithium Power Intl. – Maricunga Lithium Brine Project Awarded Key Regulatory Export Licence

Lithium Power International {ASX:LPI}  advised that it’s 50% owned Chilean JV company MSB, responsible for developing the Maricunga Lithium Brine Project, has been awarded a key regulatory export licence by the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission  to produce, market and export lithium products from Chile that are extracted from the Maricunga salar. Continue reading

Bitcoin under threat from regulation

Bitcoin $BTC and other crypto currencies are under the threat of regulation like never before, as governments begin to realise the potential danger of a decentralised currency not under the control of any central bank.

The answer is of course regulation, long overdue, but finally starting now, and the effects of that regulation create uncertainty for Bitcoin et al in the longer term.  Continue reading

PDAC 2018 – Final day

PDAC 2018 – Final day.  Wednesday is a rather strange day at the PDAC, as it starts an hour earlier than the other days, at 9 am, and closes three hours later at 12 pm.

Arriving early this morning the aisles were quiet and there were great swathes of booths unattended, a suggestion that the previous night’s festivities had taken their toll perhaps? Continue reading

PDAC 2018 – Day 3

PDAC 2018 – Day 3.   The conference centre was busier than normal for the third day, with crowded aisles around the popular companies.

Talking to both exhibitors and delegates it was clear there is more interest in Cobalt, lithium, and the base metals this year, rather than the precious metals, which is unique in my experience. Continue reading

PDAC 2018 – Day 2

PDAC 2018 is underway in chilly but bright Toronto.

Day two, Monday brings in the professionals and the attendees are largely suited, a change from Sunday when most people were casual as that is effectively investors’ day.

Now the brokers and people looking for opportunities have arrived, and Monday is always the busiest day for them. Continue reading

Condor Gold redesign their pit to avoid moving the town after protests

Condor Gold {AIM: CNR / TSX: COG} announced that it has formally submitted an amendment to an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in Nicaragua, to redesign the open pit without resettling 1,000 people.

This comes after protests and unrest in the area surrounding the mine, in Leon, Nicaragua. Continue reading