Mining Review – Sunday Update 21st Feb 2021

Mining Review – Sunday update 21st Feb. 2021

Copper has had another good week due to Chinese demand, and now stands at a 9 year high, nickel a 7 year high, and tin a 10 year high, as industrial metals rise on worldwide stimulus demand hopes.

Gold has had a terrible week, resulting in the price of many gold juniors falling, due to lower bond prices, the US Treasury Bond 10 year yield rising,  and a strong US dollar.


Gold Mining Inc. Sao Jorge project panoramic view

GoldMining Inc – Sao Jorge Aerial view


Mining Review – Sunday update 21st Feb. 2021


Copper had another good week due to increased Chinese demand as their New Year celebrations ended, and now stands at a 9 year high. Nickel now stands at a 7 year high, and tin a 10 year high.

Gold has had a terrible week, resulting in the price of many gold juniors falling, due to lower bond prices and a stronger US dollar. Silver performed better, perhaps as a result of the recent silver “short squeeze?”

It’s been another week of madness on the markets, with London finally getting the marihuana bug, years after the US and Canada, and crypto prices soaring.

A London Cannabis IPO has just stated they are ten times oversubscribed!  This is surely a sign that the bubble is at the top? Investors follow excitement, and who can blame them?  So we could be in for more volatility.

IG Index in the UK has just raised the margin on some  stocks popular with UK retail investors to 100%!  People with existing positions have a month to either pay the additional margin or close their position. This may result is some short and long squeezes on popular stocks.



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Precious Metals

Gold had a poor week, due to a rising US Treasury Bonds Yield, and, I suspect, some investors switching to crypto, where the real excitement is at the moment.

Rhodium again took the plaudits with a 7% rise week on week!

Gold 1783 -2%
Silver 27.27 0%
Palladium 2381 0%
Rhodium 23400 7%



Base Metals

This is where the action was last week, as falling covid infection rates across the world combined with government stimulus programs and “green” initiatives brought optimism to the sector.

Tin and copper rose strongly, both reaching multi year highs, the latter due to the anticipation of a supply shortage as EV infrastructure needs to be built around the world.

Copper 4.04 7%
Nickel 8.6 2%
Zinc 1.29 4%
Tin 12.77 9%
Cobalt 21.77 5%
Manganese 3.78 0.01%
Lithium 10602 0.01%



Bulk Commodities

Iron Ore continues to rise in price, but surprisingly coking coal is not yet following suit, despite the anticipated rise in demand for steel around the world.

Iron Ore 169.3 5%
Coking Coal 238 0%





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