Mining Conference “Greed Creep”

 “Greed creep” in mining conferences.

Mining conferences are funded by the presenting companies paying a fee to present, with probably the cheapest being PDAC at around C$2,600 per booth, to Swiss and London conferences at around £12,000 per company.

Sadly greed is now creeping in, as conferences have seen the opportunity to make more money by charging investors to attend to meet the companies that paid to participate to meet investors!  Continue reading

London Mining Conferences are Becoming Identical

City Investors Circle

This week I attended the Mines and Money Conference in London. Normally this would be at the Design Centre, Islington, but this year the venue has changed.

It was held in the former GLC County Hall building alongside Waterloo station, the same venue in fact as the 121 mining conferences, on the same floor even. The similarities didn’t end there either.  {…}  Continue reading