Goldplat news released early by their IR company!

Goldplat’s {AIM: GDP} share price has risen significantly recently, without any news that would be an obvious catalyst for such a rise.

Nothing too unusual there, but sadly it has been reported in two internet blogs, that a person working for their IR company had been emailing journalists last week informing them that the results about to be announced, would be above expectations!


Goldplat {AIM: GDP} has been on the AIM for a number of years, and has not exactly been a stellar performer, falling some 75% in the last three years.


In the last couple of months however, the stock has risen significantly in % terms, and without any news investors wondered what the reason for the rise was.


Last Sunday,an internet blog, the IKN News, informed its readers that a person working for Goldplat’s IR company had sent out emails informing some people that the results, yet to be released, were “above expectations”.


This surely cannot be correct, I thought!


Then Tom Winifrith of ShareProphets confirmed the story, and Surprisingly, excused the IR company suggesting that no malice was intended, (which I’m sure it wasn’t), and the lady in question had simply informed journalists, and blamed the journalist that had released the news for revealing his sources.


Either the lady in question had not put the journalists offside, or one breached a confidence, and Tom suggested she had not done so, so he had made a serious error in not placing the journalists offside. They were free to disseminate the news as they saw fit.




It will be interesting to see if any action is taken, or not, as this raises some serious issues regarding a level playing field in the market.


We will keep an eye out to see if there is an update to this story…..