London Mines and Money ignore the mining sector slump by declining some buy side investors and the trading of entry badges was brisk

London Mines and Money 2014 review – The mining sector is on its knees, yet incredibly, some buy side investors were declined for the recent show!

Numerous people registered under false names, and many others traded entry badges ..

London Mines and Money show 2014 was the first one organised under the new management team after the previous incumbents left to form the 121Group, and it was shambolic, with some buy side investors being declined for an investor pass without a reason being given, and others being sent tickets despite not investing in the mining sector!

Long term buy side mining investors like myself who have attended for many years were declined!

I actually recommended a company exhibit at the show, and yet I was declined from attending to meet with that company! You really couldn’t make this stuff up!   What a farce!

Some people registered using a false name and were given a free investor pass!

Is this what exhibitors paid for?

The only alternative option given was to spend £1,400 on an admission ticket!  For that sum your humble scribe could travel to Vancouver for The Cambridge House show in January, and spend a week connecting with companies, and staying in a beautiful city to boot.

So, given a choice of a three day show in rainy and dreary Islington, with a limited number of mining companies, or a week in beautiful Vancouver in a larger and far better show, with free admission for all, which would you choose?

I eventually gained entry to the show through an exhibitor, but would never have paid £1,400!

There was a large group of “declines” gathered in the adjoining Hilton Hotel, meeting with bemused exhibitors who had to exit the show to meet them, illustrating the mockery of them not being allowed in!

With regards to the show, Tuesday afternoon was busy, (many investors came up from the nearby morning Oilbarrel conference) the other two days less so, and Thursday was particularly quiet on the booths, most notably during the afternoon, as the show wound down.

It’s OK to have packed keynote presentations, but exhibiting companies pay their fees to meet investors and institutional professionals at their booths!

I would respectfully suggest Aspermont take a leaf out of the Canadian mining conference book, let everyone in, and have a better show! They should attend Cambridge House and the PDAC like I do every year, and they will appreciate what superb events they are, and everyone is allowed in!

Even buy side investors!

And they don’t have to register under false names, or trade badges in the bar at the Islington Hilton Hotel!

No prizes for guessing which show I won’t be recommending that companies attend next year?