Minera IRL close to relisting

Minera IRL {BVL: MIRL} is close to re-listing in both Canada and Peru, with maybe a London listing to follow later.

The downside for UK based investors is that the initial listing will be on the CSE, or Canadian Securities Exchange, where it’s hard to find a UK broker that trades this exchange, the Canadian equivalent of the ISDX.


The Mining Website Lawrieongold.com has announced that they have received an email from Frank O’Kelly confirming that MIRL intend to re-list soon, temporarily on the Canadian Securies Exchange (CSE), until they can resume their main listing on the TSX.V


Sadly this will deprive UK shareholders or investors looking to buy the stock of the opportunity to buy on the first day, as there are few if any brokerages trading CSE listed stocks in London. This is a real shame.


Generally the CSE is fairly illiquid, like its UK counterpart, the ISDX Exchange.


One can only hope there isn’t much trading or a price increase until the stock moves to the TSX.V!