Mining Review Weekly Update 18th July

City Investors Circle Mining Review 18th July 2021

Tin is the headliner in the metals markets this week as it is within a whisker of its all time high, set in November 2011.

Gold was slightly up after falling back on Friday, and silver fell again. PGM’s didn’t fare well, probably down to reduced vehicle production, due to the worldwide semi conductor shortage.



Lefroy Exploration Drill crew



City Investors Circle Mining Review 18th July 2021


Tin is the headliner in the metals markets this week as it is within a whisker of its all time high, set in November 2011. The largest producers are China and Indonesia, and China is the world’s largest tin consumer.

Sadly, if you want to make an investment, there aren’t too many tin mining stocks to choose from. Afritin (ATM) are listed on the AIM Market, and are London’s only listed primary tin producer.

Alphamin (TSX.V: AFM) produce 3% of the world’s tin from the richest tin mining resource on the planet today. Metals X (ASX: MTX) is Australia’s largest listed tin producer.

Some factors driving the price of tin higher include the proliferation of electronic devices, (where tin is used as a solder), supply chain constraints, and political problems in Myanmar, a major supplier to China.

Moving to precious metals, gold was slightly up on the previous week after trading higher and then falling back on Friday, despite inflation fears persisting, the Tbond yield falling, and FED Chair Powell’s latest “transitory” missive sounding more hopeful than authoritative.

Stocks on the watchlist had an average week, but we have to remember that despite the strange times we are currently living through, we are in the middle of the summer doldrums, and traditionally a poor time for junior stocks.

The US DOW and NASDAQ tailed off quite badly at the end of the week, after reaching new highs. Maybe the Powell effect?



Mining companies on our watchlist in the news this week (Links are clickable)

Newcore Gold –  Announces 94.7% Gold Recoveries at Enchi, Ghana

 American Creek Resources – JV Partner Tudor Gold Adds Drill Rigs

 Tinka Resources – Tripled Ayawilca land package with Acquisition

 Silver Tiger Metals – Made another exciting silver discovery

 Goldmining Inc.  – Reported New Mineral Resource Estimates at two projects

 Banyan Gold – Initiating Coverage after recent presentation



Market Data


Precious Metals

Gold $1812 0%
Silver $25.64 -2%
Palladium $2562 -7%
Platinum $1095 0%
Rhodium $18,100 -7%

Silver fell again, despite gold’s small $4 rise week to week.

The PGM’s also fell again, which is probably due to reduced vehicle production, as a result of the worldwide semi conductor shortage causing some car factories to idle their plants. Lower demand due to Covid may also be a contributing factor of course.

Rhodium is still taking a pummelling, and is now around 22% below the recent all time high set a few weeks ago.



Base Metals

Copper $4.27 -1%
Nickel $8.6 +3%
Zinc $1.35 +2%
Tin $15.38 +4%



Energy Metals

Cobalt $23.81 4%
Manganese $3.15 0%
Lithium $12372 0%
Uranium $32.35 0%



Bulk commodities

Iron Ore $212.7 4%
Coking Coal $207 3%




Au / Ag Ratio 70.08 +1%
10 yr Tbond 1.31% -4%
US $ index 92.71 +1%
HUI 265.13 -1%


Mining Review Weekly Update 18th July is complete.




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