PDAC – Day 2

The PDAC mining conference in Toronto – Day 2 was far busier then the first day for a time from mid morning to mid afternoon, when the attraction of free hospitality undoubtedly took over, and there were many to choose from last night. 



Monday is normally the busiest day in my eexperience, when Bay St.professionals enter the fray alongside those investors able to attend on a working day.


The new “hot”  metal is cobalt, and I can imagine there will be a rush of re-namings to take advantage of the sudden interest in this supply restricted metal essential for batteries.


There are plenty of people trying to talk copper up, as some projects don;t work at the current low price, but sadly yesterday copper broke a key technical indicator to the downside!


Some booths are vry busy other areas seem quiet and holders complaining of the lack of footfall in their corridors, which is a tricky problem as the periphery is always quiet, they need to put some coffee areas there to draw in people to those areas.


The only AIM listed companies I have seen are Condor Gold and Conroy Gold.


The weather is above freezing today which is welcome, but the downside it it’s raining!