POET Technologies AGM results and new director appointment

POET Technologies {TSX.V: PTK} have reported their AGM results, held on the 12th June 2015, and also the appointment of two new directors.

The two new directors are Dr. Suresh Venkatesan, the C.E.O. of the Company, (as previously reported here), and another industry veteran, Mr. Mohandas Warrior.


Once again POET introduce an industry veteran to their Board of Directors, and again the appointee is a proven high achiever, with vast experience in his field.

Slowly but surely the pieces are being slotted into place at POET, they now have a hugely experienced board with various disciplines, and also the capital markets expertise of Peter Copetti to compliment the technical knowledge.

News release


POET Technologies Inc. {TSX.V: PTK} – developer of the planar opto-electronic technology (“POET”) platform for monolithic fabrication of integrated circuit devices containing both electronic and optical elements on a single semiconductor wafer – is pleased to announce the results of its annual meeting of shareholders and subsequent meeting of directors held on June 12, 2015.

Following the meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors  increased the number of directors from 8 to 10 and appointed Dr. Suresh Venkatesan, the C.E.O. of the Company, and Mr. Mohandas Warrior to fill the vacancies created by the increase.

About Mohandas Warrior

Mr. Warrior has been president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Alfalight Inc. since February 2004. Alfalight, Inc is a GaAs based high power diode laser manufacturing company with headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. Alfalight serves military, telecom and industrial customers.


Dr. Venkatesan commented: “I am very pleased to see Mohan join our Board. He brings a new dimension to the Board with his unique GaAs foundry experience serving commercial and defense markets for high-powered laser diode solutions. He is the latest addition to our world-class technical team on the Board of Directors that we have assembled over the past 6 months. We look forward to working with Mohan and the Board as we continue the drive from ‘lab-to-fab’ as part of our monetisation strategy.”


Annual Meeting of Shareholders held on June 12, 2015

At the annual meeting of shareholders, the shareholders approved the following items;

  • The re-election of all of the directors of the Company as recommended by management;
  • The re-appointment of Marcum LLP, Certified Public Accountants, of New Haven, Connecticut as auditors of the Company for the ensuing year;
  • The amendment of the Company’s stock option plan (with all Interested Parties abstaining from voting) to: (a) increase the maximum number of common shares reserved for issuance under the plan to 36,326,000, being slightly less than 20% of the outstanding shares of the Company and (ii) to change the maximum time allowable for the exercise of vested options following the date an officer or director ceases to be in that role from 180 days to one year; and
  • Authorizing, subject to regulatory approval, the filing of articles of amendment to consolidate the Company’s common shares on the basis of one new share for a maximum of every three shares of the Company issued and outstanding (the “Consolidation”) and change the name of the Company to POET Technologies Corp. Notwithstanding approval of the proposed Consolidation by shareholders, the Board, in its sole discretion, may revoke the special resolution and abandon the Consolidation without further approval or action by or prior notice to shareholders. The Board has not yet determined whether it will in fact complete the Consolidation or, if there is a Consolidation, the ratio will be in the maximum amount authorised.

Option Grant

At the Board Meeting, incentive stock options were granted under the Company’s stock option plan, to certain directors, officers, key consultants and employees of the Company, to purchase up to an aggregate of 1,363,000 common shares, representing 0.75% of the outstanding shares of the Company.


Of these options, 10.5% were granted to key employees who are the technical staff related to the POET effort, 8.8% to the Company’s officers, 80.7% to the non-officer Directors and xx% to Directors who are also officers. The stock options are exercisable at a price of CA$1.54 per share expiring June 12, 2020. The options will vest and be exercisable on the basis of 25% on the 6-month anniversary of the date of grant and 25% every six months thereafter.


The options were granted subject to provisions of the Company’s stock option plan which was approved by shareholders on June 12, 2014 and are subject to the TSX Venture Exchange policies and applicable securities laws. There are currently 181,795,928 shares issued and outstanding and 14,195,082 stock options outstanding. For further details on the Company’s share capital, refer to the Company’s Financial Statements and the MD&A for the 3-months ended April 30, 2015 which were recently filed on SEDAR.


About POET Technologies Inc.

POET Technologies is the developer of the POET platform for monolithic fabrication of integrated circuit devices containing both electronic and optical elements on a single semiconductor wafer. With its head office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and operations in Storrs, CT, the Company, through ODIS Inc., a U.S. company, designs III-V semiconductor devices for military, industrial and commercial applications, including infrared sensor arrays and ultra-low-power random access memory. The Company has several issued and patents pending for the POET process, with potential high speed and power-efficient applications in devices such as servers, tablet computers and smartphones. The Company’s common shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “PTK” and on the OTCQX under the symbol “POETF”. For more information please visit our website at www.poet-technologies.com.



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