Scorpio Gold receives approval for their amendment to Mineral Ridge plan

Scorpio Gold {TSX.V:SGN} report BLM approval for their amended plan of operations for their Mineral Ridge deposit, located in Nevada.

This allows mining of the previously unmined Bluelite and Solberry pits.


Yet another piece of good news for Scorpio Gold, and another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

This approval allows for the mining of the satellite pits later this year (Q2)

One would hope this will increase production guidance for this year, along with the use of the Goldwedge mill for grinding the higher grade material increasing recovery at Mineral Ridge.


News Release

2015-04-21  –  Mr. Steve Roebuck reports

Scorpio Gold {TSX: SGN} reports a favourable decision from BLM for amended plan of operations at their Mineral Ridge operation, located in Nevada.

The Bureau of Land Management Tonopah field office has issued a decision record and finding of no significant impact for the environmental assessment of Scorpio Gold Corp.’s Mineral Ridge mine — Mary LC satellite deposit project amendment at Scorpio Gold’s Mineral Ridge operation, located in Nevada. The BLM news release is available on-line.

Scorpio Gold’s 70-per-cent-owned U.S. subsidiary, Mineral Ridge Gold LLC, submitted an amendment to the plan of operations to increase the surface disturbance at Mineral Ridge from approximately 612 acres to approximately 906 acres (448 acres BLM-administered land; 458 acres private land) to facilitate the development of the previously authorized Mineral Ridge mine project operations. The major components of the proposed activities include: expansion of the plan of operations boundary; addition to operations of the Bluelite and Solberry pits; addition of two new waste rock disposal areas; addition of a physical barrier to public access near the crusher; and reallocation and increase of exploration disturbance areas.

Peter J. Hawley, chief executive officer, reports: “We are very pleased that our amendment to the plan of operations has been accepted by the state and federal regulators. I would like to thank everyone involved from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Land Management and the various contractors who all came together and assisted the Mineral Ridge staff in this process. This approval allows us to move forward with our scheduled mining at the Bluelite and Solberry pits in Q2 2015. Unique to the Bluelite and Solberry deposits is that neither has been mined before, hence their high-grade core zones are preserved and expected to positively impact the grade of ore being processed at both Mineral Ridge and the company’s 100-per-cent-owned Gold wedge mill facility.

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