StoreDot exhibit their MolecuLed display at CES 2016

Storedot attended the Consumer Electronics Show 2016  in Las Vegas.

The objective was to create interest in their MolecuLed display technology, which is free of heavy metals and is economical to manufacture.


At their suite at the CES 2016 held in Las Vegas, Executives of Israeli based StoreDot exhibited their MolecuLED — an organic color conversion layer that StoreDot offers as an alternative to quantum dots.


Although VP of R&D Daniel Aronov and Director of Product Marketing and IP Guy Paradis would not talk about the molecular or structural details, they were more than happy to talk about MolecuLED’s performance, comparing it to the QD solutions in a prior model of the Kindle HD and Samsung’s solution, in an unidentified product.


StoreDot’s organic film has peaks at wavelengths very close to that of the Kindle and Samsung solutions, and has similar sharpness of emission peaks, using the standard measure of full width at half maximum (FWHM).


Aronov said “lifetime will be equivalent by the middle of this year. MolecuLED can be made with a simple, high-yield manufacturing process at a cost approximately 30% lower than QD films. The product is free of heavy metals“.

The company was exhibiting at CES to initiate an aggressive partner engagement process, meeting potential partners, with plans to invite prospects to test MolecuLED during Q1 and Q2, with a view to sign commercial agreements ith from one to three partners in Q3 – Q4.