Storedot named Globes 2015 “most promising startup”

Israeli private company StoreDot has just received the accolade of Venture Capital Fund Globes “most promising startup company for 2015”.

This has come on the back of some promising developments in car battery rapid charging  technology.


StoreDot includes a large investment by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, amongst its small group of current shareholders.


Doran Myersdorf (left)

StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf (left)


StoreDot sprang to fame on the back of their disruptive technology for recharging a Samsung S5 phone battery in 26 seconds from dead!


Now the company have shifted their focus to a car battery they claim will recharge from dead to fully charged in five minutes, (around the same time as it takes to fill a full tank of petrol), and have a 300 mile range.


The technology uses a molecular structure within the battery rather than lithium, and has the potential to disrupt current assumptions about future lithium demand, if they can perfect their technology, and deliver on performance.