Storedot to be able to charge a car in five minutes “within a “year”

Israel based technology company Storedot has announced a new disruptive technology, by predicting they will be able to recharge a battery operated car for a 300 mile journey in just five minutes “within a year”.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors must be casting an eye over their shoulders at this disruptive technology.Storedot, a private technology company based in Israel and backed by Chelsea Chairman Roman Abramovich, have followed on from their demonstration of recharging a smart phone in 26 seconds by predicting they will be able to recharge a car in five minutes within a year.

This disruptive technology must concern Tesla motors, as there are obvious huge advantages to being able to charge a car this quickly, little more than a stop at the petrol station!


StoreDot’s unit employs safe, stable organic compounds packed into thousands of individual cells. A multi function electrode uses a conductive polymer and metal oxide to trickle charge the cells, which are designed to produce very little heat. Because of this, the Flash Battery’s electrodes don’t degrade as quickly over time, resulting in an extended lifespan.


If Storedot can deliver on this promise, it must cause concern for lithium and graphite producers as Storedot; solution uses organic compounds, rather than the usual metals. and the battery can withstand three times the number of recharge cycles than conventional lithium ion batteries.