The Munich International Precious metals and Commodities show is my favourite mining show

The Munich based International Precious Metals and Commodities show is my favourite mining show, and is once again upon us.

We are a week away from my favourite mining show of the year, the Munich based International Precious metals and Commodities show, often affectionately known as the ‘Munich Gold show’ by some of us anglophiles!

I attend this excellent show every year

The Munich International Precious Metals and Commodities show is my favourite mining show – What will the mood be this year?

Every year in November I make the annual pilgrimage to Munich, that beautiful city in southern Germany situated just north of the Alps, for my favourite mining show of the year, the International Precious Metals and Commodities Show, based in the old Velodrome, built for the 1972 Olympics in that city.

Why is this show my favourite mining show you may well ask?

I like the city, it’s a beautiful place to visit, and by arriving early afternoon the day before there is time to explore and enjoy the many sights and sounds, and, in the evening, enjoy excellent food, superb beer, and a wonderful atmosphere.

By booking early one can secure a return flight ticket for around £110, and a spotlessly clean and functional hotel room with free Wi-Fi for £50 per night, so not a wallet breaker in the slightest.

Upon arrival at Munich Airport, I always take the S-bahn train to Munich Hauptbanhoff (main station), costing only 6 Euros. From there I can walk to my hotel in the Marsstrasse in around five minutes. The area around the main station has many budget hotels of good quality, and it’s an ideal area for a base, as it’s so close to the major transport links, and evening entertainment.

The show commences on Friday morning and ends Saturday evening. From the Marstrasse, a two minutes’ walk takes us to the number 21 tram stop, where we are whisked to the station nearest the show in around ten minutes. A brisk walk under the flyover and through the park brings us to the Event Centre, and a long queue to enter the show.

Registration is quick and efficient (as you would expect in Germany), the admission is only 10 Euros per day, and there is a feeling of being genuinely welcome, unlike the larger mining shows, at least in my personal experience..

After registration, the entrance opens out and the first stands are booksellers, though the books are in German of course! so there is an immediate awareness of not being  in one’s own country.

The show consists of two floors, ground and mezzanine, and the stands are roughly divided between them. Virtually all of the 50 or so mining companies exhibiting are Canadian TSX listed, with the odd London AIM listed stock thrown in for good measure.

Approximately half of the stands are for German bullion dealers, who have wonderful eye catching displays of gold and silver coins and bars. (NB. Payment is by cash only!)

Germany has newsletter writers, like Canada and the USA, and they draw huge crowds to their presentations, leaving the show empty whilst they are speaking, and then gridlocked immediately afterwards as everyone squeezes through the narrow aisles between the booths.

Having assisted exhibitors on their stands during previous shows, I know from personal experience that many German investors often remain in mid aisle and view from a distance rather than approach the booth! Maybe they are shy, or concerned their English isn’t good enough?

What it does mean is that for the investor that is prepared to approach and converse on the stand, there is ample time to speak to the CEO (unlike PDAC) in a relaxed discussion. With around 50 booths this year, and a two day show, there is sufficient time to attend all the booths!

The general atmosphere is more informal than, say, Mines and Money in London, or PDAC in Toronto, and one illustration of that is that the event organiser himself pulls around a cart loaded with cold beer for the stand holders each day, and distributes it personally!

The funny thing is as I see him approaching I always manage to temporarily occupy a vacant stand, and become a recipient of this generous beer run! Jan the organiser already has me sussed of course, but always gives me a bottle with a gracious smile, and a “good to see you again”.

For any investor focused on Canadian listed mining companies, I would thoroughly recommend a visit to the Munich “gold show”, held every November, it is really enjoyable, and is based in such a wonderful city to visit

Should anyone require further information, please email, and I will be delighted to assist or advise.