Apollo Consolidated hits 75.8m @ 4.64 g/t Au

Apollo Consolidated (ASX: AOP)

Reported some high grade shallow gold intercepts from recent drilling at their Lake Rebecca gold project located north of Kalgoorlie, in Western Australia.

The highlight was 75.8 m @ 4.64 g/t Au, which included an exceptional 9 m @ 15.2 g/t Au.



Apollo Consolidated ASX : AOP
Stage Exploration
Metals Gold
Market cap A$112 m   @ 38.5c
Location Kalgoorlie, Western Australia




Apollo Consolidated Rebecca Deposit map



Apollo Consolidated report high grade shallow gold intercepts at Lake Rebecca


Apollo Consolidated (ASX: AOP) reported some high grade shallow gold intercepts from recent drilling at their Lake Rebecca gold project located north of Kalgoorlie, in Western Australia.

The highlight was 75.8 m @ 4.64 g/t Au, which included an exceptional 9 m @ 15.2 g/t Au.

The importance of these results was the shallow depth of the discoveries, and the company continues to look to add further near surface material, at a higher average grade than the current near surface material.



➢ MET004, the first of six diamond drill holes drilled to provide material from mineralised structures for continued metallurgical studies has delivered an exceptional intercept of 75.8m @ 4.64g/t, including 9m @ 15.2g/t Au.
➢ Intercept provides excellent confirmation of high-grade width and grade seen in prior drill holes and validates the Mineral Resource1 block model in this part of Apollo’s flagship 840,000oz1 Rebecca gold deposit.
➢ Ongoing reverse Circulation (RC) drilling elsewhere along the deposit has continued the run of significant new gold hits including:

❖ Infill hole RCLR0832 into a shallow mineralised structure in southern part of the deposit hit 18m @ 6.93g/t Au (including 4m @ 15.1g/t Au) (true width approximately 10m).
❖ Step-down hole RCLR0835 intersected 9m @ 4.22g/t Au* (including 1m @ 24.2g/t Au), further extending mineralisation reported last month (see ASX: AOP 7th July 2021
‘Drilling success on multiple fronts at Rebecca’) that included 8m @ 7.81g/t Au* and 7m
@ 3.71g/t Au*, 10m @ 2.54g/t Au*, and 2m @ 13.69g/t Au.
❖ Exploration hole RCLR0831 extends new ‘footwall’ structures with hits of 10m @ 2.87g/t Au* as well as 10m @ 1.74g/t Au*.
❖ Water monitor bore RMB04 to the east of the Rebecca deposit hit 5m @ 4.41g/t Au in
sulphidic vein material, opening a new ‘footwall’ structural target.
* Intercept contains one or more composite sample that will now be resampled at 1m intervals.
➢ Ongoing resource definition drilling continues to find new shallow gold mineralisation in underdrilled parts of the optimised pit shell used to constrain the MRE of 29.1 million tonnes at 1.2g/t Au for 1.105 million ounces1 of gold. Results are expected to add more near-surface material at a higher average grade than the MRE.
➢ RC and diamond drilling continues, working through a selection of exciting exploration, resource-definition, and step-down targets, including immediate follow-up of open intercepts reported here.


Metallurgical diamond drilling

Assay results have been returned for MET004; the first of six HQ diameter diamond drill holes drilled to provide bulk composite material for continued metallurgical studies at Apollo’s 100%-owned Lake Rebecca Gold Project located 150km east of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

In addition to metallurgical material the diamond program will add grade continuity information between existing drill holes.

The vertical drill hole MET04 was targeted to drill a transect of the high-grade Jennifer structure, one of the key structures that have been defined along the 1.8km long 840,000oz1 Rebecca deposit.

Assay results have delivered excellent confirmation of width and grade seen in previous drill holes on this section, with a series of mineralised intercepts downhole, including an exceptional gold hit of 75.8m @ 4.64g/t Au from 138m including 9m @ 15.2g/t Au from 175m, and 1m @ 24.1g/t Au from 208m.

The intercept validates the Mineral Resource1 block model in this important high grade part of the deposit.


Apollo Consolidated – Metallurgical testwork

Apollo’s previous metallurgical test work has returned consistent >90% recoveries in fresh rock composite samples using conventional leach processing (refer to ASX: AOP 5th Jan 2018, and ASX: AOP 5th April 2019). This current phase of metallurgical test work will inform ongoing engineering technical studies.


Rebecca RC Drilling

Ongoing exploration and resource definition drilling continues to open new opportunities to build on the Rebecca Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE), with the set of assay results reported here (and tabulated in Table 1) including a number of significant hits.

In the lightly drilled southern part of the deposit, shallow infill drilling is upgrading areas within the optimised Rebecca pit shell where gold mineralisation had been previously identified, but not yet drilled to a density that allowed Mineral Resource classification.


Resource Definition Drilling

Shallow infill hole RCLR0832 hit 18m @ 6.93g/t Au from 131m, including 4m @ 15.1g/t Au from 135m. The hole was drilled obliquely through the structure and is interpreted to have a true width of approximately 10m at this location.


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