Avalon Rare Metals – New research report published

Avalon Rare Metals {TSX: AVL} are the subject of a new research report published by RB Milestone Group, focusing on their Separation Rapids high purity  lithium project in Ontario, Canada.

Milestone are a respected market intelligence and research house based in NY, USA.


Avalon’s new high purity lithium project featured in new research report.


Avalon Rare Metals {TSX: AVL} have been featured in a research report written by the US based and highly respected RB Milestone Group.


The Separation Rapids Project was acquired by Avalon recently,and is looking like the right project at the right time, and an astute move by Don Bubar. Global demand for lithium increased 80% in the five years needed 2014, and that looks set to increase as modern technology demands continue to grow.


The world demand for high purity lithium is growing exponentially, and as a result, new mines will be required in order to sate this increasing demand. The prime driver is the increasing use of lithium-ion batteries in modern technology, from mobile phones to laptops and tablets, and coming soon, huge demand for electric car batteries and domestic power walls.


To access the Milestone research report CLICK HERE