Hauwei announce new battery technology to rival Storedot

Storedot, the Israel based developer of rapid charging mobile phone batteries utilising an organic compound, now has a rival.

Hauwei, the Chinese based mobile phone manufacturer has announced a new lithium-ion battery that can be half-charged n five minutes.


Storedot technology faces a challenge

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has announced a new version of the lithium-ion battery, that charges to 50% of capacity in just five minutes. This is a rival to the recently announced storedot organic compound battery, that recharges in 30 seconds.
Other companies such as Asus and Samsung have similar functionality, but often to the detriment to the battery’s lifespan or capacity.
Huawei’s battery apparently utilises graphite atoms coating the anode, which preserves the battery itself whilst charging, and is, as a result, much quicker. The company exhibited two battery prototypes at a conference in Japan. The first prototype has a capacity of 3000 milliampere-hours, similar to the standard smartphone, and charges to half capacity in five minutes.


Advanced consumer electronic devices such as the smartphone are tablets are power hungry, and their development is advancing at a faster rate then the batteries required to power them, which are relatively old tech, creating a headache for the industry.


So this developemtent is a rival to Storedot’s new technology for sure, but not quite the the finished article yet.


A further drawback is that Huawei’ quick-charge batteries need a special charging platform that needs to be carried around in addition to the charger.