Will Strongbow Exploration’s plans be ruined by a falling tin price?

Strongbow Exploration {TSX.V: SBW}  are planning to reopen the South Crofty former producing tin mine in Cornwall, UK.

South Crofty was closed due to low tin prices, but looks sustainable at the current price of tin, but how long will it stay this high as a new, unexpected source of tin emerges, Mynamar?




One of the huge problems of investing in the mining sector is the slow pace of progress, from original project conception through to eventual production.


Along the way there are multiple financings, various EIA’s, feasibility studies, placings, production decisions, capex to be raised etc.etc. The time lag from start to finish, often ten years or more, can result in world events taking over, and a project that looked profitable and attractive in the early stages, becoming unsustainable as metal prices crash as the bull cycle ends.


It was refreshing to see Strongbow Exploration propose to reopen the South Crofty tin mine in Cornwall, as it was only closed 20 years or so ago,  it is much closer to potentially producing than an early stage project up in the Yukon,for example.


With the world price of tin looking good, at around $18,000 per ton, the project looks attractive, and credible. But just as often happens,something occurs that may knock the best laid plans off track. In this case it is the fact that the country of Myanmar has begun exporting tin to China, and as a result, may cause a glut, and a reduction in price.


The full details can be read in the Daily Mail article below, but I for one hope that tin process remain high and South Crofty once again mines tin and adds to the reviving British mining scene.



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