Goldplat news released early by their IR company!

Goldplat’s {AIM: GDP} share price has risen significantly recently, without any news that would be an obvious catalyst for such a rise.

Nothing too unusual there, but sadly it has been reported in two internet blogs, that a person working for their IR company had been emailing journalists last week informing them that the results about to be announced, would be above expectations! Continue reading

Inovio Pharmaceutical’s DNA Vaccine for Zika Virus Induces Robust Immune Responses in Preclinical Study

Inovio Pharmaceuticals {NASDAQ:  INO} announced today that pre-clinical testing of its synthetic vaccine for the Zika virus induced robust and durable immune responses, demonstrating the potential to prevent and treat infections from this harmful pathogen.

Inovio expects to test their Zika vaccine on humans in 2016.
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Saudi Arabia and Russia agree oil output freeze after secret meeting

It has just been announced that Saudi Arabia and Russia have agreed to freeze their production at “January levels”.

Prima facie this looks a good first step, particularly as they were able to reach an agreement whilst on opposing sides of the Syrian conflict. However, is the deal worth the paper it’s written on and will it boost the price of oil?

That is doubtful as it’s a cap rather than a cut.

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Storedot MolecuLED displays free of harmful metals

Storedot, the Israeli based company focusing on non toxic molecular development have added a significant third string to their bow, enhanced graphic displays using newly developed molecules.

The company are already very advanced in commercialising their 30 second phone battery charger, and have a 5 minute car battery charger in late development stage. Continue reading

Gold soars $49 in a day as international tensions rise and economic growth fears fester

Gold {AU} shone on a day of rising international tensions focused on the Syrian civil war, fears about international growth weakness, and stress in the banking system.

Fears of a potential invasion of Syria by Saudi Arabian and Turkish forces has created the potential to escalate the conflict, with the Syrian government are their allies the Russian and Iranian forces opposed to such a move. Continue reading