B.C Securities Commission imposes trading halts

During the last ten days the British Colombia Securities Commission has imposed trading halts on a long list of Venture stocks.

the list consisted of 66 stocks halted, and one wonders whether this is a sign they are finally tightening up?


As an investor that has often despaired at the inaction of the BCSC, this is a welcome sign they may actually realise there is a problem, people aren’t investing like they used to, and maybe finally they are going to take some action?

The BCSC have not exactly covered themselves in glory in my opinion, and their inactivity sometimes beggars belief.

is this just a bit of window dressing to give the impression they are actually going to take action, or is this the real thing?

Sixty companies is quite a lengthy list,so let’s hope its the latter!

Time will tell...


The list of companies halted in the last ten days is as follows;

Advanced Explorations Inc.

Alhambra Resources Ltd.

American Natural Energy Corporation

American Oil & Gas Inc.


Angus Mining Inc.

Aqua-Pure Ventures Inc.

Birch Lake Energy Inc.

Blue Zen Memorial Parks Inc.

Brigadier Gold Limited

Cadan Resources Corporation

CanAm Coal Corp.

Changfeng Energy Inc.

Charlotte Resources Ltd.

Copper Point Mining Corp.

Cosigo Resources Ltd.

Crimson Bioenergy Ltd.

Cygam Energy Inc.

Dealnet Capital Corp.

Desmarais Energy Corporation

Ditem Explorations Inc.

DOT Resources Ltd.

Enssolutions Group Inc.

Fletcher Nickel Inc.

Geovic Mining Corp.

Global Key Investment Limited

Goldex Resources Corporation

Hudson River Minerals Ltd.

Hunter Bay Minerals plc

Immunall Science Inc.

International Millennium Mining Corp.

Jaguar Resources Inc.

Jetcom Inc.

Josephine Mining Corp.

Leader Energy Services Ltd.

Lovitt Resources Inc.

Matrix Asset Management Inc.

ME Resource Corp.

Microplanet Technology Corp.

Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc.

Nextraction Energy Corp.

Noble Iron Inc

NX Phase Capital Inc.

Pacific Bay Minerals Ltd.

Palliser Oil & Gas Corporation


Phoenix Metals Corporation

Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Premium Exploration Inc.

QSolar Limited

Quattro Exploration and Production Ltd.

RB Energy Inc

Redwater Energy Corp.

Regent Ventures Ltd.

Rosehearty Energy Inc.

Sendero Mining Corp

Silcom Systems Inc.

Stealth Ventures Inc

Stealth Ventures Ltd.

Stratabound Minerals Corp.

SweetrLife Technologies Inc.

Titus Energy Corp.

TrinCan Capital Corp.

Victory Mountain Ventures Ltd.

Winchester Minerals and Gold Exploration Ltd.

Xemplar Energy Corp.

Zone Resources Inc.


Source : http://incakolanews.blogspot.co.uk/