Mining Review Sunday Update 14 Aug 2022

Mining Review 14th August 2022

A busy week for news in the mining space, and gold pushed back to finish the week at US$1805 Oz.

Wiluna Mining made the headlines for the wrong reasons, whereas Calidus Resources, Impact Minerals, Orla Mining, and UEC made news for diverse positive reasons. 



Ascot Resources

Ascot Resources – Big Missouri portal, B.C.



Mining Review 14th August 2022

A busy week for news in the mining space, and gold pushed back to finish the week at US$1805 Oz, and other metals also rose, including copper, 6%, and zinc, 4.5%.

It was mixed though, with iron ore and cobalt heading downwards.

Wiluna Mining made the headlines for the wrong reasons, with some Australian media suggesting the board discussed going into administration BEFORE the recent A$63 million placing. If that is true, then fireworks are surely going to follow.

As board meetings should be minuted, it should be relatively east to establish the truth, and we await further updates.

Calidus Resources, Impact Minerals, Orla Mining, and UEC all made news for diverse positive reasons, please click the links below

Since the left wing anti mining President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, was elected, that country’s excellent reputation as a mining jurisdiction is being rapidly trashed by the left wing government denying permits, as a way of stopping mining companies developing their projects.

RIO2 is one example, there are quite a few others now, with various pretexts being used to try and justify an unjustifiable decision. Sadly Chile is the number one exporter of copper, and if this continues all exploration and undeveloped projects will surely cease?  If they do, where will the world obtain all the copper required for the EV revolution and the “green agenda”?

The number two exporter of copper is of course Peru, where there are interminable lockdowns and lockouts at mines, as the local people protest at their suffering at the hands of the mining companies, without receiving any financial benefit.


Stocks on our watchlist making news this week;

  Orla Mining completed the Gold Standard Ventures acquisition

  Ascot Resources Reported Q2 2022 Results

  Impact Minerals to Sell a 75% interest in the Commonwealth Project

  Calidus Resources Halted Pending News

  Uranium Energy Corp. Notes New Denison Bid

  Uranium Energy Corp. Increased its UEX Bid

  Impact Minerals Update – Arkun-Beau-Jumbo


Market Data

Week on week price changes (US$)




Gold 1804.5 1.66%
Silver 20.82 4.73%
Palladium 2224 8.22%
Platinum 965 3.54%
Rhodium 13600 0.00%
Copper 3.689 6.31%
Nickel 10.48 4.90%
Zinc 1.69 8.33%
Tin 11.28 1.08%
Cobalt 21.2 -6.07%
Manganese 3.39 -2.31%
Lithium 68080 0.19%
Uranium 48.7 -0.20%
Iron Ore 111.8 5.57%
Coking Coal 225 12.50%
Thermal coal 261 -4.24%
Magnesium 3514 -0.57%




GDX 27.22 3.58%
GDXJ 34.53 2.34%
Sil 26.7 1.75%
SILJ 10.25 3.22%
GOEX  (PCX) 24.59 2.84%
GLD 167.87 1.56%
COPX 32.2 8.86%




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