Colonial Coal shareholders re-elect six directors

Colonial Coal International Corp. (TSX.V: CAD)

Released the results of the company’s annual general meeting held on Dec. 14, 2021, in Vancouver, B.C.

The company reported that the shareholders voted to re-elect David Austin, Ian Downie, Anthony Hammond, John Perry, Gregory Waller and Partha S. Bhattacharyya as directors of the company for the ensuing year. Continue reading

Colonial Coal – New Research Report by Canaccord

Colonial Coal (TSX.V: CAD)

Canaccord Genuity, the highly respected Canadian banking and investment company, have written a new research report about Colonial Coal.

The rise in share price of Colonial, and coking coal of course,  has lead to a massive boost in interest in the company, and that has resutted in larger companies and investment houses taking an interest in the company.[…] Continue reading

Colonial Coal – New Research Note Published

Colonial Coal (TSX.V: CAD)

A new research note written by New York and London based Hallgarten Investment Research is positive for Colonial Coal.

What is amusing is the price target given when the report was written a week ago has already been surpassed!  A 50% increase in share price in a week means the report may need to be updated […] Continue reading

Colonial Coal Price Soaring – New Research Report

Colonial Coal (TSX.V: CAD)

The share price of Colonial Coal is soaring on the sky high price of steelmaking (coking) coal, and speculation the company may receive M & A activity in the near future.

Every $1 rise per tonne in the price of coking coal just makes the undervaluation of Colonial Coal at the resource level look ever more ridiculous. Continue reading