Mining Review 13th November 2022

Mining Review 13th November 2022

City Investors Circle weekly Mining Review reports healthy rises in gold and silver as the US dollar fell back as US bond yields fell. Base metal prices rose on the back of Chinese covid lockdown relaxations.

Calidus Resources and i-80 Gold reported exploration results, Ascot Resources, Colonial Coal, and Wesdome Gold Mines reported Q3 financial results. Continue reading

Colonial Coal CEO Presentation Enthuses Investors

Colonial Coal (TSX.V: CAD)

CEO David Austin gave an upbeat online presentation yesterday, where he highlighted the potential for the Colonial Coal Peace River assets at the prevailing world coal prices.

Quite simply, with FOB costs of around C$150, and coal fetching over C$500 per tonne, the numbers make a compelling investment case.  […]  Continue reading

Mining Review Sunday Update 1st May 2022

Mining Review Sunday Update 1st May 2022

Another poor week for gold, back below $1,900 due to anticipation of several FED half percent interest rate hikes, and a strong dollar.

Companies in  the news this week include Calidus Resources, Colonial Coal, Cornish Metals, Eloro Resources, and Neometals.  […]  Continue reading

Mining Review Sunday Update 13th March 2022

City Investors Circle Mining Review 13th March 2022

Metal prices were heavily influenced by the Ukrainian conflict, with nickel making the headlines due to the price rising to $100,000 on the LME, before the market was closed as trading was becoming irrational.

Thermal coal also rose strongly in price as countries such as Germany move to secure supply to possibly replace Russian gas. Uranium rose strongly as Russia supplies 16% of US uranium imports. Continue reading

Mining Review Sunday Update 16th January 2021

City Investors Circle Mining Review 16th January 2021

Coking coal really roofed it this week, up 14%, and has gone into contango, meaning the future price of coal into China is now being than the present market price.

Colonial Coal is a beneficiary of this strong price at a time where it’s rumoured that potential predators are circling.

Gold had a good week, as did nickel, copper, and tin. Continue reading

Mining Review Weekly Update 19th December 2021

City Investors Circle – Mining Review 19th Dec 2021

The price of gold is still gyrating between $1760 and $1810, as the FOMC meeting comments are absorbed by the market, and sentiment changes by the day.

Ascot Resources, Cabral Gold, Canuc Resources, Neometals, and Orla Mining all made significant announcements this week. Continue reading

Colonial Coal shareholders re-elect six directors

Colonial Coal International Corp. (TSX.V: CAD)

Released the results of the company’s annual general meeting held on Dec. 14, 2021, in Vancouver, B.C.

The company reported that the shareholders voted to re-elect David Austin, Ian Downie, Anthony Hammond, John Perry, Gregory Waller and Partha S. Bhattacharyya as directors of the company for the ensuing year. Continue reading

Mining Review Sunday Update 28th November 2021

Mining Review Sunday Update 28th November 2021

This week has been a game of two halves for gold, starting with the weakness created by the confirmation that Biden has renewed Jerome Powell’s chair of the FED, and then the news of the new covid variant sent investors back into gold as a safe haven. Continue reading

Mining Review Sunday Update 21st November 2021

Mining Review Sunday Update 21st November 2021

Colonial Coal is surging again after the publication of a positive Canaccord Research report.

Ascot Gold is also climbing as some in the media speculate they could be the next takeover target.

A higher US dollar sent precious metal and commodities prices lower on Friday, turning what had been a good week into a negative one at the death. Continue reading

Colonial Coal – New Research Report by Canaccord

Colonial Coal (TSX.V: CAD)

Canaccord Genuity, the highly respected Canadian banking and investment company, have written a new research report about Colonial Coal.

The rise in share price of Colonial, and coking coal of course,  has lead to a massive boost in interest in the company, and that has resutted in larger companies and investment houses taking an interest in the company.[…] Continue reading

Monthly Mining Review October 2021 Published

Monthly Mining Review – October 2021

City Investors Circle published their monthly mining review for October 2021, which highlighted a growing shortage of magnesium and aluminium, due to Chinese smelters being offline, due to a coal shortage causing power cuts in the industrial northern area.

Colonial Coal (CAD.V) was the biggest riser in the portfolio for the second month in a row, a terrific feat. Other stocks mentioned include Apollo Consolidated, Fiore Gold, Latrobe Magnesium, Karora Resources, and Newcore Gold.  […]  Continue reading

Colonial Coal – New Research Note Published

Colonial Coal (TSX.V: CAD)

A new research note written by New York and London based Hallgarten Investment Research is positive for Colonial Coal.

What is amusing is the price target given when the report was written a week ago has already been surpassed!  A 50% increase in share price in a week means the report may need to be updated […] Continue reading

Colonial Coal Price Soaring – New Research Report

Colonial Coal (TSX.V: CAD)

The share price of Colonial Coal is soaring on the sky high price of steelmaking (coking) coal, and speculation the company may receive M & A activity in the near future.

Every $1 rise per tonne in the price of coking coal just makes the undervaluation of Colonial Coal at the resource level look ever more ridiculous. Continue reading