Colonial Coal Price Rises After New Report Published

Colonial Coal (TSX.V: CAD)

Colonial Coal rose 27% last week, with strong volume, after a research report by US media group Epstein published an upbeat report on Colonial and the prospectes for coking coal moving forward.

Colonial was looking a bit unloved until the report was released, and it’s a thorough job, with update market data and projections,which clearly caught investors attention. Continue reading

Mining Review Sunday Update 23rd January 2022

City Investors Circle Mining Review 23rd January 2022

Gold had a good week as the markets wobbled quite substantially, especially the tech laden NASDAQ index, a long overdue shake out surely?

Copper, nickel, tin, cobalt, and lithium are all looking strong as the anticipated demand for these battery metals forces up prices. The UK has just announced a gigafactory will be built. Continue reading

Mining Review Sunday Update 16th January 2021

City Investors Circle Mining Review 16th January 2021

Coking coal really roofed it this week, up 14%, and has gone into contango, meaning the future price of coal into China is now being than the present market price.

Colonial Coal is a beneficiary of this strong price at a time where it’s rumoured that potential predators are circling.

Gold had a good week, as did nickel, copper, and tin. Continue reading

Colonial Coal shareholders re-elect six directors

Colonial Coal International Corp. (TSX.V: CAD)

Released the results of the company’s annual general meeting held on Dec. 14, 2021, in Vancouver, B.C.

The company reported that the shareholders voted to re-elect David Austin, Ian Downie, Anthony Hammond, John Perry, Gregory Waller and Partha S. Bhattacharyya as directors of the company for the ensuing year. Continue reading

Colonial Coal – New Research Note Published

Colonial Coal (TSX.V: CAD)

A new research note written by New York and London based Hallgarten Investment Research is positive for Colonial Coal.

What is amusing is the price target given when the report was written a week ago has already been surpassed!  A 50% increase in share price in a week means the report may need to be updated […] Continue reading

Colonial Coal Price Soaring – New Research Report

Colonial Coal (TSX.V: CAD)

The share price of Colonial Coal is soaring on the sky high price of steelmaking (coking) coal, and speculation the company may receive M & A activity in the near future.

Every $1 rise per tonne in the price of coking coal just makes the undervaluation of Colonial Coal at the resource level look ever more ridiculous. Continue reading

Colonial Coal Jumps on Coal price and bid rumours

Colonial Coal (TSX.V: CAD)

The share price of Colonial Coal has risen sharply over the last month as there seems to be feeling in some quarters that the company might finally be on the radar of potential bidders, looking to secure a supply of coking coal for the future.

It has long been thought that Colonial could receive bids from either Chinese or Indian companies, but Japan and Korea are also potential sources, as well as the USA of course. Continue reading

Mining Review Sunday Update 19th September

Mining Review Sunday Update 19th September

The story of the week again, sadly, was the falling gold price, into the mid 1700’s, due to better than expected US retail figures, and a strengthening US dollar.

Iron ore is another casualty, but for a different reason.  Coking coal is roofing it as supply is tight, bring companies like Colonial Coal into investor focus. Continue reading